Fitness classes in York

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Our York fitness classes are a great way to stay in shape and meet new people...

We offer a variety of classes for members and non-members. Legs, bums and tums sessions are great for toning up and the circuit session really gets the heart beating, and indoor cycling is the perfect high intensity cardio session.

NON MEMBER PRICES // CLASSES: £3.25 30 min class | £4.25 45 min class | £5.25 60 min class
YOGA CLASSES:£5.25 60 min class | £6.50 90 min class


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Strength and tone

A full body conditioning class that targets all the major muscle groups. Strength and tone is a perfect way to sculpt lean muscle and increase overall strength and flexibility by incorporating a variety of body weight exercises and equipment.


Yoga is a group exercise in a class environment, which aims to improve balance, stability and flexibility. It is a combination of a gentle Tai Chi warm up followed by a strong ashtanga-based yoga to give a flowing routine of exercises that work together perfectly. This popular class offers some of the best expertise in the discipline of fitness yoga in York and beyond, and will give you a total mind and body workout.


Circuit training combines both resistance and aerobic training, and is an excellent way to improve mobility, strength and stamina. Each circuit has a number of exercises that are performed for a set period of time, one after another. Each circuit is designed to be simple and easy to follow with an instructor always close by should you need any help

Sculpt - New

A unique, full body conditioning class aimed at targeting 2-3 major muscle groups each week over a four-week period. With a combination of free weights, resistance bands, and metabolic stress training, SCULPT is designed to educate, refine and tone those troublesome areas, and increase overall strength and muscularity.


Through the combination of traditional yoga and functional fitness exercises, Broga delivers a high-intensity workout designed to improve core strength, muscularity, stress, and posture.


Learn Latin American dance styles in one exciting hour of calorie burning, body-energising, cardio based workout. We do the same tracks for 12 weeks, changing one a week, giving you plenty of time to learn the moves. Go at your own pace and modify the steps to suit you.

Pump’d - New

A high repetition barbell-based workout for those who are looking to get lean, fit, and PUMP’D. PUMP’D uses a variety of exercises, light weights, and motivation to deliver a fun, energetic full body workout for all ages and abilities.

Body blast

Body blast is a combination of both cardio & conditioning enabling you to torch fat in this fun and highly motivating class which combines bodyweight exercises and cardio to help redefine your entire body.

Indoor cycling

A fun, high energy group exercise class with indoor stationary bikes. Indoor cycling uses a variety of high intensity routines that aim to simulate fast straight roads and heart rate raising climbs.

Ab blast

Abs Blast is a high intensity workout aimed at developing both core and abdominal muscles that are essential for reducing lower back pain and poor posture.

Insanity - New

Insanity is a total body workout that requires nothing but your own body weight as resistance. Programs are based on a fitness method called "max interval training" that gets you to work as hard as you can for 3-minute intervals, with 30-second periods of rest in between. Insanity is great way boost fat loss and ignite that full body conditioning.

Legs, bums, and tums

Our 30-minute Legs, Bums and Tums class combines functional movement to music with strength moves to increase all over tone, specifically lower body. Suitable for all, this class will get results!

Pilates – New

Pilates is a whole-body training system which improves strength, flexibility and alignment. Based on using the breath and slow, controlled movements which align mind and body; Pilates provides a positive, feel-good challenge which can enhance sports performance and makes a great addition to any cross-training programme. Taught for a mixed level group, beginners welcome.

Pad fit

Pad fit is an exercise class based on the basic training principles of boxing. By combining both bodyweight exercises and pad drills, pad fit provides endless amounts of fun and stress busting fitness that packs a real punch!

Dancercise - New

Dancercise provides a full body workout combining the best of both worlds - high intensity workouts meets dance fitness. All classes are designed for all levels of abilities and ages, and more importantly allow you to go at your own pace.


Get your heart pumping and fire up your metabolism for a fat burning, highly motivational fun class of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). With short bursts of bodyweight, cardio, and strength based exercises appropriately paired with either active recovery or rest periods, this class will HIIT the spot!

Total body workout

For the ultimate conditioning workout. Total body workout (TBW) is an excellent way to improve mobility, strength and stamina, and to burn calories in a controlled class environment. TBW focuses on giving you a full body, high intensity workout that utilises all your major upper, lower and core muscle groups.